Jay Johnson, the former head of the Ministry of internal security of the United States

Former Secretary of the Department of homeland security Jeh Johnson during a hearing in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the customer a large-scale cyber attacks during the election campaign. It is reported by CNN.

“In 2016 the Russian government on the orders of Putin organized cyber-attacks in our country to influence our elections. Plain and simple. Now the key question for the President and Congress: “What are we going to do to protect the American people and their democracy from this kind of thing in the future?” asked Johnson.

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He stressed that the hacking attempt on the part of Russian hackers has received minimal attention in the investigation of the Congress of Russian interference in the elections. President Donald trump and his supporters regularly report that Russian hackers never changed the results of the vote, although in his testimony about this, insisting intelligence officials to Obama and trump.

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As previously reported, American media received a secret intelligence report on cyber attacks the Russian GRU.

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