Exchange rate for bitcoin rose above $8000 for the first time since July last year, continuing the rapid growth, despite the fact that major financial markets are falling due to increased trade dispute the United States and China.

According to CoinDesk, the bitcoin rate has increased in the course of trading 3.4%, to $8104,49. Before the price of bitcoin has soared by 25%, the fastest rate since 2014.

Just last week bitcoin was trading below $6000, earlier this year, the course was close to $3500.

Strengthening bitcoins can be due to the increasing interest in bitcoin by institutional investors, experts say.

Earlier this month The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook Inc. creates a social network payment system based on cryptocurrencies. Facebook itself last week announced the easing of restrictions for advertising related to cryptocurrency or blockchain projects on its platform.

In addition, on Monday, the project Bakkt created exchange operator ICE said it plans to start testing bitkoenig futures this summer.

Darren Lee, the Chinese investor in cryptocurrency, notes that in China, the demand for bitcoins could increase as a result of the weakening of the yuan in terms of escalating trade dispute, says Dow Jones.

In may, bitcoin has risen more than 50%, and this month could be the best cryptocurrencies since November of 2017.

However, bitcoin is very far from the highs of 2017, when his course was close to $20000.