On the streets the suffering of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the first tour event after the end of armed clashes in the area.

This became known from the statement of the owner of the company-organizer Samira al-Saha, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to him, the tour was performed primarily for a group of three hundred pupils, students and pensioners. During the event, they were conducted to the Citadel, the amphitheater, the Umayyad mosque and other sites of historical significance.

“Along the route of tourist groups in the Old part of the city has already opened restaurants and souvenir shops – currently applications for excursions is provided by domestic tourism,” – said al-Shah.

He explained that the representatives of UNESCO has described Aleppo as the oldest city in the world, who visit as tourists at least seven million people .

Many monuments have suffered greatly from armed conflict with terrorists. In particular, the Islamists during the retreat abused their weapons on the mentioned mosque, which was built in the VIII century. She lost her 45-meter minaret, columns and the South wall. The citadel of Aleppo was more fortunate because of its solidity and strength.

Notably, the end of the tour occurred in the amphitheatre, where he organized musical performance.