Not always, the perpetrator of a minor crime, gets punished in
some cases may be exempt from criminal liability.
So, a person may rely on it if:

  • Citizen repented of his actions, and it reported the crime to the police contributed to the investigation of the acts was making amends.
  • Citizen reconciled with the victim, and the latter has no more claim to the subject of the crime.
  • The person has committed an economic crime and subsequently reimbursed for the damage caused.
  • Citizen make amends for the damage and expects the appointment of a judicial fine.
  • The Statute of limitations for criminal prosecution has expired.
  • Entered into force, the Amnesty act, which exempts particular categories of people from responsibility.
  • Instead of punishment the court considered appropriate the use of educational interventions in juvenile or reconciliation of coercive measures of a medical nature
  • It should be noted that the exemption from liability does not mean that the actions of individuals there is no evidence of a crime. Therefore, for rehabilitation, he can not count right.


    Grounds of exemption from liability in the criminal code of the Russian Federation stipulates quite a lot, however, to effectively use one of them – a task well, can handle only criminal defense lawyer. There are several reasons.

  • 1. The judge’s opinion that corrected whether man whether his repentance is sincere and if he needs punishment, is always subjective. The task of the lawyer to collect more evidence in favor of his client to convince the court the possibility of applying one of the grounds. Also only a specialist can correctly determine all the circumstances of the case and choose a Foundation that should be applied in this particular situation.
  • 2. In order to draw up a proper petition, it is necessary to thoroughly know the provisions of criminal and criminal procedural law, as well as a good grasp of the judicial practice. But if the crime is committed in the economic sphere, the specialist must know a tax, financial and banking law. This task can be solved only by a lawyer cost cases – the lawyer of a narrow profile.
  • In short, the specialist will help to achieve the desired result faster and easier. However, it is extremely important to contact a lawyer in time, then the chances of a favorable outcome are higher.