MOSCOW, March 10. /TASS/. A series of silkscreen images of rare animals created by Andy Warhol for the first time exhibited in Moscow, the press service of the Ministry of natural resources.

“The series of 10 portraits of rare animals “Andy Warhol. Endangered species” was first exhibited in Moscow from March 18 to may 28, 2017 in the Darwin Museum in the framework of the Year of ecology in Russia”, – stated in the message.

“Endangered species” is a series of serigraphs, created by the artist in 1983 at the request of friends, defenders of wildlife and the Ronald Feldman Freud. It includes the image of the Amur tiger, African elephant, orangutan, black Rhino, grevy’s Zebra, giant Panda, bald eagle, bighorn sheep, tree frogs from the family of tree frogs and butterflies.

Russia is home to the Amur tiger, bald eagle, and bighorn sheep.

The population of Amur tigers in the world over the last 100 years has decreased by 97% – from 100 thousand to 3.9 thousand individuals . Only in our country its population since the middle of last century increased significantly and remained stable for the last 10 years, amounting to about 540 animals. This is 95% of the global population of the subspecies.

Bighorn sheep found in the Kronotsky nature reserve, national Park “Beringia” in Chukotka, in the nature reserve “Putorana Plateau” in Siberia. It is on a plateau inhabited by Putorana snow sheep, which about 15 thousand years ago was isolated from the main population and formed a separate subspecies.

The bald eagle, a national symbol of the United States, lives mainly in North America. Was endangered, but now its population has stabilized. In Russia, the eagle lives in the far East.