The first full-scale prototype of the space ship Starship Mk1 company SpaceX exploded during tests on the ground in Boca Chica in the South American state of Texas, reported by NASAspaceflight website that publishes the video from the event.

The explosion occurred on Wednesday local time during testing at the maximum filling the fuel tank Starship Mk1 cryogenic liquid.

Comment on the incident, the company SpaceX has indicated that “the purpose of this test was the maximum pressure in the system, so this result was not completely unexpected.”

The company Elon musk was planning in December to hold the first test flight of experimental rocket Starship to a height of 20 km.

During the test, the missile Mk1 was not fully assembled. Her head piece is still in the Assembly shop.

Observers note that crash is, of course, put an end to the rocket Mk1 and would slow the Starship program as a whole.

According to reports, the company SpaceX now plans to start an improved version of the rocket – Mk3. In September, Elon Musk noted that the process of assembling Mk3 will not only be very different, but will take much less time than the Assembly Mk1.

Elon Musk first introduced the project to create a new super-heavy space rocket reusable Starship in 2017. It consists of reusable launch stages and reusable second stage integrated with the spacecraft, is available in three versions: manned or cargo ship, fuel tanker or vehicle for delivery of satellites. The missile must be delivered to low earth orbit loads of up to 150 tons. Start commercial flights on the Starship, the company has planned to begin in 2022.