MAKHACHKALA, September 24. /Offset. TASS Nizami Hacibalayev/. Dagestan is fully adapted for travelers with disabilities. TASS on Sunday, said the head of the program “Regional development” Foundation for the deaf and blind “unity” Elena Geleskul.

September 24 is International day of the deaf.

“Dagestan is fully adapted for travelers with disabilities. In the future, the country could become one of the leaders among the regions on cooperation in the field of work with deaf-blind people. We were convinced after the first all-Russian week of culture and rehabilitation of deafblind people in Dagestan”, – said Geleskul.

Week of culture and the rehabilitation of deaf-blind

“We have been chosen the region for holding the all-Russian week of culture and rehabilitation of the deafblind and at some point stopped to Dagestan, where very closely with the local society for the blind and deaf society. And, besides, there is the sea, and the weather is good and there is something to see: nature, local”, – said the Agency interlocutor.


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In addition, she said, in Dagestan, is “significant work to ensure the leisure centres, opened a center for computer literacy and volunteer courses”.

Elena Geleskul said that the Russian week of culture and rehabilitation of the deafblind was held in Dagestan from 10 to 16 September, and gathered from all over the country about 200 wards of Fund “unity”, which organized the event.

“Members of the week came on September 10. The next morning we went to Sulak canyon. Directly deafblind with the accompanying was around 190. This is excluding the volunteers and organizers, and all together – more than 200 people. We had representatives of 21 regions, including Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Perm, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, etc.,” she said.

“Preparations for the event began last year. During this time the program changed repeatedly, because the original version was very tight, and, given the potential of the contingent of participants, many of them would be hard. Although, for example, in the aul of Kubachi, despite about 10 hours of the road, they were ecstatic and said that ready to go somewhere else,” – said the representative of the Fund.

Everything went without problems

“That is something we have all went without problems. We helped the local interior Ministry, we had support from the traffic police, our buses drove everywhere. Emergency always helped us, was on duty. And, of course, on the ground, too, people always responded and helped. And during these days we visited Derbent, Kubachi, Sulak canyon, dune sarykum. Also visited a new Avenue of masters in Makhachkala,” – said the Agency interlocutor, noting that in his spare time, participants were resting on the beach.


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The opinion of the representative of the Fund was divided and members of the volunteer corps of the all-Russian week of the deafblind.

“In my group there were 20 people from different cities of Russia, still mostly hard of hearing and visually impaired. We have all the time helped each other, danced together, had fun, told each other some stories. This week we lived as one family. And impressions here, of course, unforgettable,” says the school psychologist from the city of Lermontov (Stavropol territory), the volunteer all-Russian week of the deafblind Maria kisser.

Through the prism of the Naryn-Kala

Satisfied and participants of the action. “Very much, not just words, no wonder we got here. I myself would certainly not have been able to come here. Thanks to the Foundation “unity” that they were able to show us the Dagestan, I’m so impressed,” shared hearing impaired from Cheboksary Adelina Samikova.

“Such a good country, welcoming country. Good weather, sea like. Particularly struck by an ancient fortress Naryn-Kala in Derbent, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city. The Dagestan turned out to meet us well,” said the pensioner from St.-Petersburg Julia Konchakova.

New collection – two years

“Of course, the participants are already telling us that we have continued this practice, we will probably repeat this week again, but not next year. Most likely, in two years we’ll get together again. What is to be the region, I can’t say now. Russia is big and, in principle, that there are lots of places where,” said Geleskul.

As previously reported TASS, this is the first experience of organizing the week of the deafblind in Russia. For was based on the European tradition of holding similar events, including the European week of rehabilitation and culture for deaf-blind people (ERCW), which has been conducted annually since 1997.

The deaf-blindness is simultaneous disturbance of vision and hearing. From 2014 to 2017 to Fund “unity” was able to identify 3.6 thousand deaf-blind people in Russia. Before that, the country such statistics are not gathered.

Despite the difficulties, deafblind people can learn a profession, work and travel. However, in this case the deaf-blind person needs system support.