The Chairman of the inspection Committee of the Russian football Union Alexey Spirin

© TASS/ Sergei Karpov

MOSCOW, March 29. /Offset. TASS Alexander Bokulev/. The inclusion of Russian referee Sergei Karasev in the list of referees for the 2018 world Cup is important for development of football of the judiciary in Russia. This opinion TASS expressed by the former football international referee, Chairman of the inspection Committee of the Russian football Union (RFS) Alexey Spirin.

On Thursday, the press service of the International football Federation (FIFA) has published a list of referees appointed for the matches of the 2018 world Cup in Russia. The tournament will run 36 63 referees and assistant chief judge, including Karasev and his assistants Anton Averyanov and Tikhon Kalugin .

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“Today we are in football and especially in the judging really need personality, which for a story, can show class, to give continuity. If you receive any such spark people shows itself, it becomes for all of us a great legacy. That’s why I’m very happy about this news because we all waited for it to happen with Sergey [Karasev]. He’s already quite a long time was quoted to the judge of the world championship, but the decision was postponed, had a lot of questions,” said Spirin.

The expert said that helped Karasev to achieve the purpose of the world Cup matches. “He worked hard in the Russian League and the Champions League, even with some errors Serezha was going to deeply analyze their actions, looked at the work of referees from other countries and, of course, its self-active work bore fruit, which he deserves. God forbid that he turned skilled, professional work, which later would serve as a potential for growth of other judges in the future. We do a lot of talk that something is missing, you need someone to pull up, but no apparent progress, therefore a path that Sergei has done, it’s a classic example of health, desire, tremendous motivation and discipline,” said Spirin.

Karasev in 2016 worked at the European championship in France, and also in the football tournament of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The last Russian arbitrator, serving the matches of the world Cup, was Valentin Ivanov, who worked the 2006 tournament in Germany. Spirin was the chief judge at the world championship 1990 in Italy. In addition, in different years at the world Championships just a few Soviet and Russian referees: Nikolay Latyshev, Tofik Bakhramov, Pavel Kazakov, Miroslav Stupar, Romualdas yushka, Valery Butenko and Nikolay Levnikov.

World Cup 2018 will be held in 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia in the period from 14 June to 15 July.