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Technology news: Attention to Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei continues to grow.

According to the report of the Council on safety assessment of Huawei (HCSEC), the Agency continues to be concerned about the processes of software development of Huawei devices and possible risks for telecommunications networks in the UK.

HCSEC was created in 2010. Through this office, the UK government has the right to monitor the activities of the company, since Huawei entered into the telecommunication infrastructure of the country. However, despite the fact that HCSEC cope with all their responsibilities, in his report referred to “faults in processes Huawei”.

In HCSEC want to make sure that the Chinese manufacturer will introduce binary code in their smartphones. This code does not contain any risks for the British telecommunications systems . However, as it turned out, only one of the four products of the Chinese manufacturer were integrated with the appropriate code. The report HCSEC emphasizes that this is the only Assembly not covered by any British retailer.