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VLADIKAVKAZ, October 7. /TASS/. Attracting tourists from regions of Russia and other countries in the North Caucasian Federal district (NCFD) may contribute to television and other digital resources. This opinion was expressed by respondents TASS experts – participants of the III all-Russian media festival “the Ascension”, which was held in North Ossetia on October 5-6.

Television skfo, telling about the tourist potential of their regions, conduct teleology of geography, organises national festivals, filmed works of national writers, and even offer to ordinary citizens to spend the day in their national costumes. Heads of departments of TV and local TV companies believe that to attract tourists from other countries and Russian regions will help participation in national and international projects and television lessons of study of local lore will help residents of the North Caucasus regions to better know his district .

Previously Deputy General Director of JSC “Resorts of the North Caucasus” Rustam Chapaev told journalists that experts believe it is the TV and the digital resources in the most effective channels to promote the district as a tourist region.

Team ascent

GTRK “Alania” a few years ago proposed to conduct in the North Ossetia festival for television North Caucasus Federal district, to share experience with colleagues and to tell about the Caucasian regions. The management of the broadcasting company supported the suggestion, but the event decided to make from Russia.

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Single focal point will help the development of tourism in the North Caucasus

“The Ministry for the North Caucasus also supported, formed a powerful team of organizers: the government, and the media, and society today needs to work together, we have one task – all work in the interests of our country, including the development of tourism, support programs for the conservation of diversity, natural heritage of the country”, – told TASS the head of the STRC “Alania” Timur Kusov.

This year at the festival, which was held for the third time, gathered more than 100 journalists, bloggers and photographers from different regions of Russia and from South Ossetia. Kusov said that in order to make quality stuff and to convince the viewer to come to the region, the authors of the projects it is helpful to notice the beautiful.

“We are in the routine of news sometimes do not notice that nearby there are unique corners, places where you can come to attract tourists. Many of our colleagues (visiting the festival) I want to come back with the family,” he added.

Good news

News about interesting places and traditions, noted in conversation with the correspondent of TASS Director of the branch of GTRK Kabardino-Balkaria Vladimir Chops, attractive is the fact that create a more positive mood in the viewer than, for example, news about the crime.

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“Let’s at least sometimes to say that our resorts of Elbrus region recognized as one of the best in Europe, somewhere on the lake a person can see what is not there anywhere in the world, and not to think what tomorrow will do another world villain,” said he.

The chops added that programs aimed at the development of the tourism potential of the region, are for locals aleurone on local history. Project STRC “Kabardino-Balkaria”, and is called “geography Lessons”.

“As if it sounded funny, even in Kabardino-Balkaria, not everyone’s been in the Elbrus region, especially the children. Not everyone’s been on the Blue lakes and Chegem waterfalls. And programmes we try to show them that, be interested in this”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, next year the company plans to launch another series – correspondents will talk about the places in the region that are associated with mysticism and mysteries. For example, on a mountainous area, where in the 1940s the Germans were looking for Shambhala.

Resort TV channel

Channel “Arhiz 24” promoting tourism of Karachay-Cherkessia has the same name: Arkhyz is one of the most famous landmarks in the Caucasus. Now the channel is involved in the strategy of tourism development in the region. A set of measures, statistics show that effective: in 2016, the region was visited by 1 million tourists in 2017 is expected to increase tourist arrivals by 20%.

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For resorts of the North Caucasus can create tourist maps

“We have one direction – tourism, crafts and national traditions. And on the other hand, a very large information component. We see that an increased awareness of the region as a whole, a growing interest in tourism,” – said TASS Director of the TV channel Stanislav Belyakov.

The channel holds a special promotion, for example, a photo exhibition of works about the Caucasus. This year the participants have sent more than 3.5 thousand works from different regions of the North Caucasus Federal district, some of them are currently exhibited abroad. And at the end of September, the 25th anniversary of the Republic, journalists suggested that the residents of the region to spend a day in national costumes.

“These are people with ordinary professions: a cook, a kindergarten teacher, Bank employee. Journalist whole day spent with a man, shot him, people talked about their experiences. The surrounding people reacted to the costumes, Bank customers are even more drawn to the employee who was in a suit,” said the source.

Industry hospitality’t teach

The head of state television and radio company “Ingushetia” bers Yevloyev said that this year he was in the mountains for the first time in several years and was surprised at how much improved the service is breathtaking, the restaurants, the pools, the infrastructure for families with children and more.

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“Then I brought back the crew, I gave them all my emotions. We realize what we have (tourist) capacity of monuments of history and architecture, nature – it’s our region. Such a thing as hospitality in the mountains is evident, and it is the attitude of local people towards tourists is not simulated. I think that no industry can’t teach people that, and we focus on it,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

At the festival “Ascension”, for example, employees of the state television and radio company “Ingushetia” has presented the report “table mountain”. “Guys have gone this path can pass every tourist who told a little about the legends (there are very many, and they’ve talked to you at the table) and the beauty”, – said Evloev.

He added that the transfer of the monuments, wildlife and other themes about Ingushetia for a couple of days gather thousands of views on YouTube. Currently, the TV companies think about how to make a movie based on the book by Idris Bazorkin “From the darkness of the times” (the novel takes place in XIX-XX centuries).

“The Caucasus needs to show their culture, identity, magnificent monuments of culture and architecture. The service in the Caucasus, of course, need more learning to know what tourist wants, because people come here to relax, get positive emotions”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

About the festival

Festival “Climbing” took place on 5 and 6 October on the territory of North Ossetia. It was attended by over 100 journalists, the program included a visit to the attractions of the region and master classes, as well as expert session of the Ministry for North Caucasus Russia and JSC “Northern Caucasus Resorts” on the theme “the Role of media in promotion of the tourism potential of the North Caucasus”.

The festival was held with the support of the Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs, and heads of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania. Organizers – the Federal state unitary enterprise “VGTRK” and the Foundation “Visit Caucasus”. General partner – JSC “Northern Caucasus Resorts”.