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MOSCOW, may 11. /TASS/. Medical service in Russia during the 2018 world Cup will be ready to assist all fans, regardless of their nationality, the country of arrival and language of communication. TASS learned the details of training of medical staff in the Russian cities, which in a month will accept the world championship on football.

To overcome the language barrier the staff of the medical institutions took a crash course of English, received an interpreters and special phrasebooks in the languages of the countries participating in the championship. Mobile help “on the go” will provide Segways and mobile intensive care units with Autonomous operation. Hospitals repaired, many of them expanded and equipped with advanced modern medical equipment and appliances.

Language courses and gadgets

In Saransk for 270 physicians, which employ during the world Cup created a special set of language support . As told TASS in management of the city in the preparation and conduct of the tournament, physicians will help training program on the use of mobile applications, translation of the text, as well as learning basic phrases in the languages of those countries whose teams will meet at matches in the capital of Mordovia: this is Peru, Denmark, Colombia, Japan, Iran, Portugal, Panama and Tunisia.

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“PhraseBook is designed for employees of medical institutions, which contains over 40 of the most common phrases in the languages of the countries of the teams participating in the world championship in Saransk,” said the Directorate. If difficulty in providing medical assistance to foreign fans do occur, physicians will be able to call in a linguistic call center and offers Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Farsi and Chinese. “In the casualty departments of hospitals in the period from 14 June to 15 July will involve English-speaking interpreters to provide linguistic support”, – added in management.

Deputy Governor of Krasnodar region Nikolay Doluda has also called the issue of “language barrier” for physicians resolved. “Ambulance crews in one way or another is spoken by the staff at the hospital also prepared. In addition, we have 1520 volunteers, who will perform their duties at airports, railway stations, on the outskirts of the stadium, on the streets, and the “Fisht” there will be volunteers near the posts, which speak English, and can also assist with the translation”, – said the Deputy Governor.

In the Kaliningrad region, according to the regional Ministry of healthcare, paramedics have completed a specialized 90 hour course of English, including medical English. In Volgograd in addition to the cycle of language teaching staff each medical facility of the championship and the car will provide visual AIDS with basic macterminal in English and Russian languages, in the form of a poster with the image of a man. In Samara made a bid on gadgets: as told the acting Governor of the region Dmitry Azarov, all ambulances will be equipped with electronic translators.

According to physicians, “pulling up” conversational skills will help not only during the championship, but will also provide a free communication with foreign travelers after its completion. “In the future, medical professionals will improve their knowledge to receive, if necessary, such patients, because our region is visited by many tourists from abroad,” – said the title of doctor of Kaliningrad gortenzii ambulance Alexander balaganskaya.

In the health Committee of St. Petersburg noted that the special training of medical staff in foreign languages in preparation for world Cup 2018 was conducted. “Additionally, languages are not taught, will be selected those who owns them”, – said the Agency. However, as explained in gortenzii ambulance to receive primary instruction in foreign languages for foreign viewers will be able and when you contact the emergency services by a single phone “112”.

Autonomous mobile intensive care units and Segways

In all the cities hosting the world Cup, the doctors will be on duty on the territory of sports facilities and fan zones, hotels, training venues. Mobility Madrigal will provide the most modern vehicles.

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According Kaliningrad, Ministry of health, in anticipation of the 2018 world Cup, the region has purchased nine ambulances class “C” for the city ambulance station. Machines can work a few hours in offline mode, providing all the vital functions of the patient. They have a modern defibrillators, monitors, reflecting the patient’s condition in real time, and all the equipment necessary for the operation of the resuscitator. In the ambulance service in the region have implemented an automated control system that displays an electronic map of the location of sanitary vehicles throughout the region in real time.

In St. Petersburg, which will host seven matches of the football championship, for the health of spectators and fans at stadium “Sankt-Petersburg” will follow the health workers on the Segway, told TASS informed in city Committee on public health. They will run across the stadium, which the visitors matches overcome foot.

“If you need help, someone became ill, the staff at Segway call an ambulance to this point,” said TASS at the city station of an emergency medical service, adding that members of the patrol also will produce primary medical actions. Patrolling on a Segway tour in St. Petersburg successfully tested, it proved its efficiency even during the confederations Cup in 2017, said the health facility.

Reconstruction and re-equipment of hospitals

In anticipation of the world football championship in the host cities held large-scale works on reconstruction, repair and retrofitting of hospitals and other medical institutions. In Kaliningrad completed reconstruction and overhaul of the Central clinical and Pioneer city hospitals. As explained in the regional Ministry of health, in the emergency hospital in the regional center there will be two new MRI scanner, the apparatus “artificial kidney”, lithotripter for crushing kidney stones and, for the first time in the region, the state of the art microscope for neurosurgeons.

In Yekaterinburg built a new emergency room at the Central city clinical hospital № 2, the Volgograd city clinical hospital № 25, in addition to works on capital and current repair, construction of a helipad and receiving Department. Specialized facilities for health centres is provided at the Sochi stadium “Fisht”. “A stock of drugs and medicines designed for residents and tourists, and fans and athletes,” – noted in the administration of Krasnodar region.

Especially for the 2018 world Cup in Rostov region purchased 40 ambulances. For the eight hospitals that will host the athletes during the games, has acquired a magnetic resonance and CT scanners, ultrasound machines, endoscopic and other equipment and almost 700 million roubles.

In St. Petersburg, along with major urban hospitals such as the Institute of emergency care named after I. I. Janelidze, Mariinsky hospital and Children’s city hospital № 19 named after K. A. rauchfuss, on duty put also two maternity hospitals in the Northern and southern parts of the city – in case you need medical care to pregnant women who came to watch the matches, told city cosgrave.

Medical teaching and health threats

Doctors, paramedics and nurses in Samara the theory combined with practice: as told in the press service of the government of the region, they carried out military exercises on the provision of medical care at the stadium. “We are working on various urgent and emergency situations that have ever taken place in various major football competitions. It is crush, fire, earthquake, vandalism, flood. All of these scenarios worked out by our medical team, taking into account characteristics and conditions of the stadium, the behavior of people,” – said journalists earlier the chief doctor at the stadium for the 2018 world Cup in Samara Armen Benyan.

In Yekaterinburg on the eve of the world Cup, the ambulance staff practiced the evacuation of the stadium “Ekaterinburg-arena” and places of hospitalization of patients.

According to the forecasts of physicians, by the common health problems in the period of the summer competition can be injury, exacerbation of chronic diseases in patients of older age group, allergic reactions and heat stroke.

“Summer is a period of high ambient temperature and solar activity, which determines the main difficulties for the body. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunstroke, high temperatures in combination with heavy physical activity can lead to uncontrolled rise in temperature,” – said the press service of the Ministry of health of the Krasnodar territory. To prevent such situations, the experts recommended that to avoid physical exertion in the heat, to choose the right sports clothing and shoes, as well as to observe the correct drinking regime.

Another potential threat to the health of the guests of the world Cup may be the excessive use of alcohol. For example, in the Central clinical hospital of the Kaliningrad region plans to equip the place of drug treatment services to provide assistance to intoxicated fans.

“Football” doctors, mainly, are members of teams and delegations are in place with them. “Each team has its own doctors who come together with the teams. These doctors provide help to players in various sports injuries. Assistance of our physicians is needed only in case of critical situations when life-threatening conditions. This group of our healthcare workers was a separate cycle of training in providing medical care to athletes on the football field,” – said TASS in the press-service of administration of the Volgograd region.