Kim Jong-UN with his generals

In the Arsenal of North Korea up to 25 nuclear weapons.

If North Korea launching a nuclear attack on Seoul and Tokyo, it will lead to the deaths of more than 2 million people. Such data are voiced in the Institute of USA and Korea at the University of Johns Hopkins, writes Interfax.

Fellow of the Institute Michael Zagorac prepared a report stating that, according to the calculations, the hypothetical impact of North Korea the capital of South Korea and Japan, taking into account estimates about the nuclear weapons of the DPRK would lead to the death of 2.1 million people, wounds unable to 7.7 million

The report indicates that such losses can be caused by the use by North Korea of all its available 25 units of nuclear weapons.

As reported Корреспондент.netlast week in Korea has recorded the movement of ballistic missiles. Presumably, this medium-range missiles Hwasong-12 or Intercontinental Hwasong-14 .

Also North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has threatened Japan’s “nuclear cloud” if the leadership of this country will not cease to call for further sanctions to force North Korea to dismantle its nuclear and missile program.

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