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EKATERINBURG, March 21. /TASS/. The number of tourists to the attractions of the Northern and Subpolar Urals this year will increase by 15-20% compared with the year 2016, told the correspondent of TASS in the press-service of the Ural club of hunters and travelers, “the Wild North”, which is the only region tours for lovers of extreme tourism, hunting and fishing in the far North. They added that the increase in tourist arrivals was due to the reduction in the cost of flights and increase the interest of the residents of the regions to the natural edge.

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“Rivers of the polar Urals abound in fish, and boreal forests – game. All this attracts lovers, this type of holiday. The number of tourists in Northern and Subpolar Urals this year will increase by 15-20% in comparison with year 2015”, – said the Agency interlocutor .

According to him, the rest of these latitudes are not cheap due to the fact that tourists are delivered to the site by helicopter. Cost of the tour for 5-6 days will be 35-50 thousand roubles from the person. Therefore, noted in the club of hunters and fishermen, relax in these latitudes come in groups of 5-6 people.

“Despite the high cost of the tour, every year the number of lovers of both summer and winter holidays. If we compare the performance of the February – March 2016 and the same period this year, those wishing to fish on the reservoirs in KHMAO increased by one third. If, last year, fishing in Ugra came 200 people, this year it came to 260 people,” – said in the club.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, tourists are attracted by comfortable conditions for fishing and good bite. Thus, in the Ob river near the village of Gornorekanska in KHMAO this year some of the fishermen caught about 200 kg pike with a rod in two days.

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© Gennady Leonidovich

© Gennady Leonidovich

“The increase in tourist traffic associated with the creation of comfortable conditions for lovers of winter fishing: the ponds passes snowmobile trail, which the fishermen get on the snowmobile to the fishing places. Night fishermen is carried out in two warm huts of 5-6 people each, and the chefs prepare their meals of catch,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, in an interview with a TASS correspondent Yevgeny Suites announced that the tourist flow in the North and Subpolar Urals in 2016 has increased by a third. According to him, in the summer of 2016, about 25 groups consisting of 10-15 people, made the journey to the North of the river. Fishermen prefer in the summer to relax on the rivers of the Polar Urals. A week-long tour they were treated to 59-60 thousand rubles per person, the cost of which was service of a chef that traveled with the tourists to the destination, providing boats, helicopter depot.