In the framework of the project “the Most unusual tanks in the history of mankind” was mounted video that was shown the strangest armored vehicle in the entire history of military craft. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The rollers are
the first combat robot – German self-propelled mine “Goliath” period
The second World war, and a land dreadnought “Rat” generated by
the megalomania of the Nazis. 1000-ton machine was planned to equip
the ship’s guns. 120-millimeter gun was the machine guns, and
manage supertanker had 28 people.

Some of the members of
the armor resembled a UFO, but still had excellent tactical and technical
characteristics. 130 mm projectile guaranteed the destruction of the armor
any opponent.

T-34Э could powerful
electric projectiles incapacitate powerful analogues of enemies . Famous for
ingenuity the Americans invented a tank-Transporter, in the troop compartment
which was placed a jeep and a tank-tanker. Both models in the series and did not go.

Previously, the Internet got pictures of the exit of the submarine Tula to the open sea.