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How to protect car from the heat – the issue is not as urgent, since most modern cars typical European heat are not afraid.

But there are little things which overheating of the car in General is better to avoid. Once you understand how to protect car from the heat, you can develop certain summer rules, which are easy to stick to “automatic”. But first, let’s figure out what car is dangerous to heat and the temperature in the closed volume of the machine, for example, in the cabin, in the summer can reach 60 – 70о S.

Plastic trim and non-metallic parts under the hood is designed for high temperature, but under such conditions, the materials still age faster: slowly but surely fade the color, becomes brittle plastic, rubber and insulation, lagging adhesive-bonded joints, over time, crack the coating of torpedo. This fact is important if you are going to use the car for many years .

From extreme heat often suffers non-standard equipment: tuning details, the skin, which are covered with a torpedo, the podium loudspeakers.

The real danger in the heat represent some types of Luggage. Overheated in a closed car bottles with carbonated beverages can just explode – like lighters or spray cans. Melted, deformed plastic accessories, dishes, boxes and enclosures home audio, “flow” batteries.

What to do?

1. The easiest thing is not to leave the car in the sun. The greenhouse effect in the glazed cabin increases the temperature by tens of degrees. Better to go from parked in the shadows of the machine to target an extra hundred yards than to return to the salon, heated to a temperature of the sauna. When Parking for a long time, keep in mind that shade moves with the sun.

2. Left in the heat the car leave ajar the Windows, preferably on opposite sides to the back was a draft. This is a very effective way.

3. Use any kind of blinds or screens on the Windows, preventing sunlight into the cabin and the greenhouse effect. At worst, even, Newspapers, pressed-open Windows or sun visors.

4. For sun protection use cover-seat cover on the car. The fabric should be light and breathable. Not that the cover was wet. It is undesirable that he fidgeted in the car in the wind, “mataroa” varnish and paint – ideally, the tent should never touch the paint.

5. The most vulnerable places of the interior – especially the dash cover from the sun “personally”, until available funds: with a newspaper, handkerchief, blanket.

6. If the trunk of the sedan, stood in the heat for several hours, was left carbonated beverages, you need to open the lid slowly, holding her in the half-open state for a few seconds. When a sharp change of pressure in the closed volume of the container may not withstand the explosive to collapse.

7. In the summer or when Parking in the heat get out of the cabin and trunk are vulnerable to heat things – a medicine chest, plastic toys, cigarette lighters, spray cans, of course, food.