Military experts told how to destroy the pride of the United States – carrier fleet. To 10 ships of the Nimitz recently joined first new generation aircraft carrier Gerald Ford: he carries on 10 more planes and stuffed with high technology. Still, during clashes with the more serious enemy combat unit can become floating targets. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The main problem with the American carriers is small, the radius of the flight of a ballistic missile, which barely exceeds
1,000 kilometers. For example, the range of Chinese anti-ship
ballistic missile DongFeng-21D reaches 1450 km.

Mortal danger is posed by submarines, can attack
aircraft carriers anywhere. So, cruise missiles P-700 “Granit” fly
600 kilometers, and you can run them from under the water . “Granites” attacked
flock: to the ships they come at a very low altitude and high speed,
distribute targets and simultaneously attack them from different sides, making
naval air defense is almost an impossible task.

In addition, the Russian rocket Zircon” to the test doing
7000 miles per hour and is able to catch such a warhead

Earlier the defense Ministry announced the launching of the submarine “Kronstadt”, which will replace the legendary “Warszawianka”.

According to the specifications, the tonnage of submarines of this
the project is 17.5 thousand tons. Length submarine is 67 meters,
width – 7.1 m, submerged speed – 21 knots, the surface – 10 knots,
endurance – 45 days.