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Residents of four of the nine settlements within a 10-kilometer zone from Balakleya, where on the night of March 23, started the fire in military warehouses, unable to return home safely.

Said at a press conference in balakliia the Chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Yulia Svetlichnaya.

“The fire is localized. Now in four settlements in Balakleya area can safely return people. It Recruitment, borschivka, yakovenkove and off. Work partially carried out in Balakleya… where it is safe, has resumed work shops and pharmacies. For the timely provision of medical care on the spot 27 on duty “soon,” – said Svetlichny.

The situation in Balakliya (Updated)

According to her, now in evacuation centres in the territory of Balakleya district are 1400 people: “In Kharkiv has left 200 people, 80 of which to relatives and friends” .

“We are waiting for information about the completion of clearance, to people from the evacuation centres were able to return. We will provide them with this transport. While they are free to bring food and necessities. Humanitarian assistance was provided, including volunteers, international organizations, state administration,” – said Svetlichny.

According to her, the expert group provide a preliminary assessment of the damage.

“I three times a day report to the President of Ukraine about the state of Affairs. There is an agreement with the Cabinet that will be allocated from the reserve Fund of the state budget for the work after clearance,” – said Svetlichny.