As at 15: 00 Sunday, April 19, the forces of the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations continue to provide assistance in suppression of wildfires employees of timber enterprises on the territory of Zhytomyr oblast and to the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management (GAS) Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Kiev region.

As reported on the website of the DSNs in Zhytomyr region provides assistance on the territory of 4 forestries (SE “Ovruch LG”, “Ovruch SLG”, “Slovechansko LH” and “Slovechansko forestry APK”) to extinguish separate pockets of smouldering grass decking, stumps and wood.

“Remains of 9 heat sources, 5 of which are localized, but 4 cells are continuing work to limit their spread”, – stated in the message.

18 APR to liquidation of fires were involved in 1 unit engineering equipment and 3 personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Additionally, the composition of the consolidated group to assist in the elimination of forest fires on April 18 directed 12 U. technici and 60 personnel of PSCS Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions.

“Extinguishing attracted 963 people and 157 units of equipment, including from gschs 188 l/s and 44 units of machinery, including three aircraft an-32P, which on 18 April made 21 relief (168 tons of water)”, – informs in DSNs.

In addition, as of 15: 00 April 19 in the exclusion zone and unconditional (mandatory) resettlement ChNPP divisions of gschs assist GAS in extinguishing fires on the territory Korogodsky, Lubyanka, Baryshevskogo, Decadesago and Denisovskogo forestry.

“The main focus is on localization of the 4 cells (S. Korogod, S. Rassokha, Krivaya Gora and S. Rud’ky – S. Buriakivka) smoldering stumps, wood residues and peat in the cells burned”, – have informed in SSES.

For the arrangement of fire-breaks brought heavy engineering equipment of gschs and additionally eight puteprokladchik APU. Engineering has created 320 km of mineralized bands.

Threats to the Shelter, storage of nuclear waste and other critical facilities in the exclusion Zone no.

To extinguish fires brought 1322 people and 292 units of equipment, including from gschs 1168 personnel and 235 vehicles (including 3 helicopters, which, on 18 April, has carried out 208 discharges – 416 tons of water).

The background radiation in Kiev and Kiev region in the normal range and does not exceed natural background values (Kiev – 0.012 Mr/HR, Kyiv region – in the range is 0.011 Mr/hour with an acceptable background of 0.05 Mr/h in Chernobyl – 0,021 Mr/h, on KDP dytiatky of 0.02 Mr/h at the control acceptable level of 0.055 Mr/h).