Experts called
the object identified in Sierra Leone, nomoli. Most experts claim that
figurines of reptiles contained within the iron eggs, which in prehistoric
the time could be used as weapons. According to the preliminary
information, data sculptures 17000-19000 years. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii

First it was reported that the clown statue was possessed by evil forces.

the discovery suggests that in West Africa could live
unknown science civilization. The local population considers that before the advent
the first people of a single continent was inhabited by giants, who were like
at the same time and people, and reptiles.

Another theory
States that nomoli represented the embodiment of the deities that were exiled
from the realm of the gods. The local tribes believe that this place is within
the constellation Orion, where now, according to the views of ufologists, maybe
to be devastating planet X.

In turn, the creation
balls were produced through a combination of chrome and steel. At the moment, the researchers
can’t understand how such an old civilization could have
a similar technology.

Earlier it was reported that the Egyptian temple contained a statue of Osiris. Recall that the poles found the statue of the stranger.