As reported by Telegram-channel BAZA, investigators
had a conversation with two participants of the fight.

They have helped law enforcement officers
to restore a full picture of what happened. Became known in particular reason
conflict. Two local residents did not share with the strangers bar, where I went to
to drink an alcoholic beverage.

“Two local went inside this time rested there
visitors. They did not like that the company diluted. They began to fight over nationality. Began to throw these
guys, and they resisted, as had already ordered a drink. It is noteworthy that
and the bartender was involved in the process, actively drove their customers” –
it is noted in the message Telegram channel on Monday.

Nikita Belyankin saw the fight already at the moment when she
moved to the street. Commando tried to defend the guys were beaten
the whole crowd. After that aggressive participants in the conflict spilled over to him.

Nikita’s parents started to do the funeral son. Father
negotiating with the ritual office, the date when it will be possible to say goodbye to him,
will be announced later. Meanwhile, the family of the deceased transferred more than 700 thousand rubles
donations from all over the Russian Federation.

Earlier there was a video from the murder scene Belyankina.