Breathed Putin Chinese air – and light-headed.

Dropped by the horses of thought, and, naturally, I rushed straight to Ukraine. Foam dripping from the teeth. Now “thinks” to give Russian citizenship to all residents of Ukraine. “Ostap carried”.

What is it? Again, why Ukraine?

The main thing – constantly to distract attention of citizens from the failures of the authorities. From the impoverishment of the people. From the lack and the country’s prospects. From the enrichment of Putin’s government and their business friends. Better will debate the issue of Russian passports for Ukrainian citizens than the change of power in Russia. And in the meantime we will be enriched.

And, probably, Putin has another reason – a personal one.

In Russia, the “successor” Putin won in fraudulent elections, when the propaganda first years hammer heavy guns from the TV, the opponents removed precision strikes, and then a bayonet charge is “infantry” at the polls. Stealing votes for Putin.

In Ukraine is not so – there are competitive elections, and Zelensky came by it. Defeated the incumbent President of the country. He is not a phony.

So Zelensky and Putin – a different weight. The first real President, the second – real. And any Russian economic or military advantages here are not able to do anything.

Very, apparently, it’s a shame Putin that Ukraine not only goes its own way, but also shows the citizens of Russia that Putin will never be able to give them – the turnover of power.

I really want revenge on this upstart Zelensky and the Ukrainian people – grant “from wide leg” Ukrainian citizens Russian passport – happiness become slaves of the authorities, who are well able only to steal, to lie and dissemble. Here you are – “duplicate precious cargo”.

Telegram-channel”, Serpone”