The popular social network Facebook has created an artificial intelligence in order to find the users who wish to commit suicide. The developers note that on the basis of posts a person can understand about his depression and time to react.

As reported
“Russian Conversation”,
artificial intelligence developed by Facebook allows
to determine when a person becomes obsessed with the desire to commit suicide. Also
analyzes his posts and comments.

The head of the Department
the social network, which is working on this
the program notes that these measures are “not just useful, but critical
necessary.” Now Facebook
identifies users who are inclined to suicide just for the site
The United States, but it is possible that this feature will be expanded and
a number of other countries .

Earlier, the founder
this social Darkness, Zuckerberg noted that Facebook will actively use
artificial intelligence to combat posts that promote violence and

“Russian conversation” already wrote that in Russia, more and more teenagers die due to participation in the so-called welfare “groups of death”. Near Irkutsk 2 girls decided to commit suicide, leaving the high-rise building typical of
the above community statement.