Facebook in 2018 must comply with Russian law on personal data localization, otherwise the resource will cease work on the territory of the Russian Federation, told journalists the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov on Tuesday.

“The law is mandatory for all. In any case, we will ensure that the law was fulfilled, or the company will cease to operate on the territory of the Russian Federation, as, unfortunately, happened with Linkedin. There are no exceptions,” said Alexander Zharov, answering a question “Interfax” about the timing of execution use Facebook the appropriate law.

“We will ensure that 242 law No. company Facebook have been met . In 2018 everything will be fine”, – said Alexander Zharov.

He explained that the deadline for this problem set, and they will be met.

“We are well aware that Facebook has a significant number of users on the territory of the Russian Federation, on the other hand, we understand that this is not a unique service, there are other social network”, said Alexander Zharov.

He said that the company’s position is that they are considering options for how they will fulfill the law, official letters, they did not.

“In our audit plan in this area until the end of 2017 Facebook page, no, in 2018 we will think, maybe will check,” – said Alexander Zharov.

He recalled that the company Twitter has already identified the period of localization of personal data by mid – 2018.

“We proceed from the position of goodwill, because the company wrote us an official letter, so up to this point we test will not. But after that point – right and check”, – said Alexander Zharov.