Steve Stevens



Photo: Twitter

Resident of the United States, which on Sunday killed the pensioner and posted a video of his act on Facebook, was discovered by the police, but did not want to surrender and shot himself

“The man who randomly killed a pensioner from Cleveland and posted a video of the crime on Facebook, was shot Tuesday after police pursued his car in Pennsylvania during the RAID, organized in several States, less than 48 hours after it started”, – stated in the publication the Associated Press.

The Pennsylvania police responded to a report by phone about the identification of the 37-year-old Steve Stevens in the Parking lot near the McDonald’s. After a short chase, he stopped, and when officers approached the car, committed suicide, said law enforcement officials.

Facebook has decided to simplify filing of a complaint against publication after the broadcast of murder

The Stevens prosecution lasted more than a day . The police in the early hours tracked his mobile number and approximately represent, in what direction a criminal.

Stevens worked as a consultant to work with adolescents and youth. He was wanted on charges of aggravated murder of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, who at the time of the incident on Sunday was collecting aluminum cans. Stevens has posted a video of the murder of an elderly man in a social network.

The work of the controversial Chinese photographer who committed suicide (Photo)

The investigators reported that Godwin was the only victim associated with the actions of Stevens, contrary to his statement in Facebook that he’s already killed over a dozen people. Detectives spoke with the suspect by mobile phone on Sunday and tried to convince him to surrender. On the same day was declared a wanted suspect with a reward of $50 million for information leading to his arrest by law enforcement officials.