Anais Chevalier


French biathlete anais Chevalier was caught in an accident while riding on the bike, then angry for all motorists in the country.

French biathlete anais Chevalier on the page in “Facebook” reported that during Cycling sessions she was hit by a car. 24-year-old athlete, being a four-time world championship medalist, suffered a broken collarbone.

Surviving an armed attack intends to make Kvitova at Wimbledon-2017

“I have joined the list of athletes, who after the resumption of training, so it scared me. I’m pissed. Drivers, we’re completely defenseless when you’re on the bike. Thank you for playing with our lives. I was lucky to get away with “only” a broken collarbone and a severe fright. I have to terminate the collection,” wrote the Chevalier .