Native Nikita Presnyakov told what will be his wedding to Alena Krasnova.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova intend to officially register their relationship this summer. The pair has promised to throw a big celebration that will be remembered by all the guests. The marriage ceremony will be about two hundred people, according to “Russian conversation”.

Native Nikita very happy with his choice. According to his family, Alain is a sociable and friendly girl that you can easily find a common language. In a recent conversation with reporters grandparents Nikita admitted that they approve of the choice his grandson.

“I’m happy for grandson. The girl he chose the right”, – said Vladimir Presnyakov-senior. His wife Helen said that she met with the beloved of his grandson on the birthday of his son Vladimir, Krasnov and even then I had made a good impression .

Charming, the girl was able to conquer even the famous grandmother of Nikita Alla Pugacheva. Diva sure Alena and her grandson will be the perfect spouses, as stated in interview with Ukrainian journalists.

Earlier, Alena Krasnov admitted that dreams of becoming a mother for the first time.