Rising star of Ukrainian pop music Maria Yaremchuk has answered the question about their sexual orientation. Recall that in the media earlier there were rumors that Yaremchuk in bed prefers girls.

However, the singer in an interview for the program “social life” strongly denied such speculation, reports “Russian conversation”. The leading question of the programme Katya Osadchaya, is it true what people say, the artist did not answer immediately, as was taken aback, and then deny everything.

“I wonder in what other mortal sins I had been charged. My poor mother, thank God she knows the truth that there is nothing and the wedding will be required. With a guy. I like guys, that’s for sure,” said Yaremchuk.

According to some, who do not have official confirmation from the Ukrainian beauties an affair with her concert Manager-girlfriend .

As previously reported, the famous American singer Katy Perry has admitted that she prefers in bed girls. Despite the fact that in my childhood my parents tried to fight this addiction Katie, to do what they could not do.