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Tina Karol

Mon, 3 APR 2017


Popular singer Tina Karol on the show “Golos Krainy-7” shone in elegant and incredibly seductive dress by designer Julien Mcdonald.

People’s artist of Ukraine Tina Karol made a splash in a bold outfit at the show “Golos Krainy-7”. Last Sunday, April 2, edition of the star trainers of the project shone in a sexy silver dress from renowned British designer Julien Mcdonald. The star looked incredibly seductive.

Fitting dress emphasized the slender figure of Tina and Frank cut out outfit added special piquancy to the image.

Fans of the singer admire her beauty and attractiveness. Visit Carol at her Facebook praised for the image of the femme fatale.

“Krasnicka! It can be fatal, and bold, and so tender sweet,” said the user Nati Nata Romanovna.

“The sexiest woman in Ukraine!!!” added Yulia Basanets.

“Catwoman! Super!” — wrote a user under the name Natalia Natalia .