The singer decided to celebrate the talents of a former lover than sparked rumors about the resumption of their relationship.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Sometime between Victoria and Alex had a romantic relationship. The pair, however, were together a relatively short time. Then Dayneko soon married another young man, and the sparrows still not settled down.

Recently in the Network leaked information that the singer has split up with her husband. The reason was frequent conflict between spouses, which began almost immediately after they began to live together. Immediately after the news break with a loved one Victoria praised the work of a former boyfriend, Vorobyov, noting that he is incredibly talented and is a great person.

The fans decided that the singer tries to rekindle a relationship with the contractor . Now two celebrities are free, and nothing prevents them to try to start all over again. But for now, Alex did not comment on it, and Victoria said that is not going to return to a former lover even after breaking up with her husband.