Dmitry Tarasov has hinted that he has a new girlfriend. Fans intrigued by the statement of the football player.

Recently, Instagram introduced a new feature – you can go live and chat with fans. Celebrities often use the opportunity to communicate with fans in real time. Recently footballer Dmitry Tarasov went live and interested fans with his statement about the changes in his personal life, according to “Russian conversation”.

Judging by the broadcast, the footballer was aired at a time when he was with his beloved. But the athlete never revealed, despite numerous requests of followers.

“Idle? I’m not single. Or am I idle? I do not know. At me now look right with this look that I’m not single”, – said the footballer.

Note, many fans believe that the chosen player was a model Anastasia Kostenko. The girl herself has not yet commented on this information . She recently published a public appeal to detractors who accuse her that she broke the marriage Buzova and Tarasova.