Today, April 2, became aware of the banner of the football club of MLS “Chicago fire” during a home match.

As it turned out, placed the banner was the logo of world Cup 2018 and the inscription on pseudocamellia.

In connection with this promotion, fans will not have missed the opportunity to make fun of the mistake of the AFP reporter who asked a very strange question for the rookie of club Bastian Schweinsteiger.

It is reported that the reporter asked the player about the possibility of his team to win the world championship.

A little later, the journalist realized that he was wrong, and apologized. But the fans have not forgotten about his misconduct. They hung a banner with the inscription “Road to Russia”, which translated means “Road to Russia”, which was written by pseudocamellia .

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” the Russian women’s team Curling for the first time in history won the silver medal of the world Championship. In three previous Championships, the Russian girls were the bronze medalists.

Recall the famous actor Danila Kozlovsky was appointed Ambassador of the world Championship on football which will pass in Russia in 2018.