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According to the organizing Committee of the ice hockey world championship in Denmark, the tournament matches will be visited by about 13 thousand Russian fans. The Russians came to support the national team in the hope that she will be able to repeat the triumphant performance at the Olympics-2018 in South Korea.

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The world championship is held in two cities, Copenhagen and Herning. In the Danish capital matches takes new stadium “Royal arena”, which opened only in February last year. The podium of the complex is able to accommodate 12.5 million viewers. “Royal Arena” are games of the preliminary stage the group And with the participation of national teams of Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, France and Belarus. There will be a game of 1/4 final s, semifinals will be held the match for third place and the final.

In Herning game of the preliminary stage in group b are in the arena “Jyske-Bank-boxen”, opened in 2010. During hockey games it is able to accommodate 10 thousand people. In the group stage here are the matches involving the hosts of the world Cup and the national teams of Canada, USA, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Norway and South Korea. In addition to games pre-tournament, there will also be two quarterfinal match.

Fans from Russia are particularly vivid and visible in the world Cup. They walk around Copenhagen, dressed in uniform hockey jerseys Russian team. And some of them approached the support team of creative and ordered a headdress in the colors of the Russian tricolor. In addition, once on match of the Russian team was spotted a fan dressed as the snow Maiden.

At the moment the Russian team performs at the tournament without a defeat. After the starting match of the group stage, where on may 4, the team defeated the French (7:0), fans chanted: “We came to win.” In the next game — may 6 — Russians secured success, defeating the Austrians with the same devastating account. Finally, on may 7, the Russian hockey players defeated the Belarusians (6:0).

Until may 15 the Russians will hold the group stage matches with teams of the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and Sweden.

Hockey the whole family

Andrew (Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk oblast): “For me this is the fourth ice hockey world championship, now for the first time took my family. Started to go in 2015 — world championship in Prague. We came here with family for three games the national team of Russia, till may 10.

From what can be noted, in Copenhagen very high prices for everything and expensive housing. Of all the world cups where we’ve been, Denmark is the most expensive country. We rented an apartment in the centre and paid for seven days of 80 thousand rubles for four. The apartment is small.

For each ticket for the matches gave 5 thousand rubles”.

Gregory (Stavropol): “I arrived in Copenhagen with a group of friends. For some of us it is the third world Cup in my life for someone — for the sixth. The city is very expensive. Food is expensive, and the beer our money worth 500 rubles. The rent for 32 thousand for the six nights. Stayed here may 9.

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The best organization of the world championship was in Prague. Czech Republic — hockey power. On arrival in Copenhagen, we walked around the city and did not notice any excitement about the fact that there is such a major event like the world Cup of hockey.

Now six kilometres to Copenhagen passed and have not seen any other fan, dressed as we are, in the form of their national teams. We kept asking: “are You into football?” In addition, there is no single pointer of what lies ahead “Royal arena”.

“Datsyuk remained impregnable”

Svetlana (Moscow): “Before, we were at the world Championships in 2016 and 2017 in Moscow and Cologne. “Royal arena” in Copenhagen was much more comfortable, plenty of space, a clear system of signs. The only thing lacking a little bars around — a few places where you can go to relax after the matches, celebrate our victories.

After the games, as a rule, the whole crowd went to the center of Copenhagen. There all having fun, joking, but even at eight in the evening all the bars stop working. In Cologne it a bit more interesting in this regard. But from the point of view of logistics, security is more serious. In Cologne we did not notice the work in this plan. In Moscow they had to overcome ten police cordons, but they pass quickly.

For the world Cup we specially prepared — all t-shirts and headdresses made to order. We have a tradition, come to the ice hockey world championship on may day, and what games fall under them, we come. In this championship for the first time managed to take photos with our players, only Datsyuk was impregnable.


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Tickets bought in advance through an Agency in Moscow. Of course, tickets are expensive. But we’ve talked to people and found that you can buy them for €30 on any matches. Such tickets become available too late, they should catch. I have the feeling that we constantly overpay to go to the world Cup.

In the future I want to improve our form, which supported the Russian team. When photographed with our children, we realized that it was missing the national emblem and flag”.

“I hope to come to the final with the Russian team”

Irina (Voronezh): “In Denmark, loved the parks, they are divine, beautiful and well-maintained. Copenhagen is a beautiful city with 600 thousand population in comparison with Moscow is surprising. We even made bets, how many in the Danish capital is home to people, and all missed, since the real number of people was much less.

I hope that our team will come to the final, then will be able to come to a game one day. In addition, I went to the match between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It turned out that we have much to learn in terms of the organization “support”. Boiling point was such that it was difficult to hold herself.

It can also be noted that there are no long queues. If you compare it to Cologne, we for Souvenirs stood in some crazy turn. Here, the fan zone is larger. It is very big compared to Cologne, you can buy water, sit.

As for suggestions, then in Copenhagen and all the related subway system, not enough signs. And I would like to have during the world Cup there working volunteers that would tell you what train you need to sit down. We are not the first time I go to Europe, but even it was hard for us. Trains from one platform go to different places, and how to buy tickets — it is clear, then no. In the same Moscow the simplest subway in the world. During the world Cup, which took in 2017, there was a sign reading “You there,” had volunteers and directed people.”

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“It makes no sense to complain about prices”

Anastasia (Moscow): “it makes No sense to complain about prices, they are equally high everywhere, including in Moscow. Yes, Denmark is expensive country, but perhaps it was different? The only thing in Moscow had to get tickets to scandal — why I am in my city can’t buy tickets to a hockey game? In Copenhagen, I quietly bought the tickets for his team and calmly went to the match.

In Denmark I’ve been spending a wonderful. Besides the weather now is amazing. The Danes are very calm, friendly, hospitable, well enough to explain everything — where to go where that is. The staff asked us who won and for whom we cheer.

As for the surrounding area “Royal Arena”, before there was a village. The first time I’m here with the Navigator walked. This area has always been bad with special pointers, so you need to understand and forgive.

I can say that in terms of the organization of this world Cup is the best. As for buying the ticket in Moscow, when I started to buy them on our company, then half an hour later the cart is empty. So I cheaper somewhere to go there to buy tickets, it will be without nerves.

I came to play the national team of Russia for the weekend and could easily buy tickets online where they’re sold. And during the world Championships in Moscow, is it possible freely to buy tickets? Here I can it’s all right to do it, knowing that there will be resale. The same situation was observed at the world championship in Minsk. We have tickets you need to constantly catch”.

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Alexander (Germany): “I come from Yekaterinburg, but for more than 15 years live in Germany. I have a small construction business in Frankfurt. In Copenhagen I flew on a business trip for two days and could not miss the opportunity to cheer for team Russia. Last year the tournament was held in Cologne, and is much closer to my house, so managed to visit three matches. Still in memory the semi-finals and a disappointing loss to the Canadians.

This year Canadians even McDavid plays for the national team, but we do not care — and not as the team to beat. Of course, this year the Russians are not very starry cast, few players from the NHL, but I personally like a game our guys. Gladly would have stayed here longer, but too much to do in Frankfurt. If possible, I will try to get to decisive matches of the playoffs”.