Belarusian gunsmiths could modify Soviet hand grenade launcher RPG-7, which was called “the gadfly-R”. Thanks to the intellectual scope of the PD-7 above, the grenade launcher was transformed into precision-guided weapons. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As noted by the developers
weapon, the sight is equipped with a quick attachment of night vision, providing
firing in low light and adverse weather conditions,
for example, in fog. Once the target fixed by the operator, a built-in calculator
automatically performs adjustment of the position of the aiming mark, so that
the arrow just press the trigger.

A significant advantage
Belarusian development is to combine this modification with all types
shots created for the RPG-7. The sight can also use the scouts and
artillery gunner to observe the terrain and locate the targets .

Earlier in Russia spoke about the secret of the low noise gun vol.

Despite the fact that
Wool was only developed in 1967, the weapon does
not out of date. This type of arms can be called naloxonum as soft
cotton discernible at distances of up to 50