Wednesday, may 29, agrarians in Cherkasy region on the day will block the road of state importance M-05 “Kiev-Odessa” near the traffic police post in the area of Uman (210-km highway), according to the Ukrainian agrarian Union (YOU).

“The farmers will protest against the tyranny of the local instructor for the the Main Department of Gosgeokadastr in Cherkasy region Olga Liens. She is accused of violating the law to the failure to implement court decisions, as well as in coverage of corruption schemes, in which the land in the Cherkassy region get the “right” people. However, veterans of the ATO fails to receive the promised government land, and local farmers – permits to develop land management project on allotment of land in ownership, permanent use or lease,” – said the press service of YOU, released on Tuesday morning.

In particular, according to the information, this situation has faced the collective agricultural enterprise “Rodnykivka” of Uman district, Cherkasy region. In 2016 employees and retirees of the PSC appealed to the state Gosgeokadastr in Cherkasy region with the statement for granting of permission to develop land management project on privatization of lands of state enterprise “Rodnykivka”, however, was refused. The staff of the PSC appealed to the Cherkasy district administrative court, which acknowledged the failure of the regional Gosgeokadastra illegal and ordered the institution to decide the question of granting KSP “Rodnykivka” permission to develop land management project on privatization namelennogo of the site.

“Gosgeokadastr filed an appeal against this decision but the court of appeal rejected it and upheld the decision of the district administrative court. Despite this, the decision was not executed. Are unable to achieve a result and the State Executive service, although it came to imposing a fine for contempt of court. And this despite the fact that the law is on our side, to do anything neither we nor the competent authorities are unable for the past two years. So, alas, the only thing that remains for us to draw attention to this issue – protest. We apologize in advance to everyone who will cause inconveniences”, – says the head of the PCB “Rodnykivka” Sergei Voichenko.

YOU utverjdayut that in such a situation is proved, and KSP “Jakubec”, which is in Khrystynivka district, Cherkasy region.

“The confrontation between the clerk, farmers and Volunteers in Cherkasy stretches for a long time. Farmers have not organized a protest with a demand to dismiss Olga Bail, but nor Gosgeokadastra nor the Cabinet are still on these requirements has not responded. This time protesters are categorically. The protest will be more than 200 farmers. Their requirements – execution of court decisions and the release of Olga’s Liens from the post of head of the Main Department of Gosgeokadastr in Cherkasy region. The promotion starts at 11:00 on may 29, 2019”, – stated in the message.