Now the doctors at RCH are fighting for the life of the girl in
was crushed by a tree. She is in intensive care in very serious
condition, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “emergency /

“The incident happened during a heavy squall
wind. Two girls were on Spickey, one of them died almost
immediately. It is not time to take to the RSC”, – said in the message.

The exact cause of death will establish it is judicial-medical examination.

During a hurricane wind damaged cars, roofs and
wire. The utility was released a few hours the roads and sidewalks from fallen
branches. In the three districts of North Ossetia lost the light, but after a few hours the power supply is restored in full.

Forecasters warned today that the disaster can
again. In addition, in Moscow and the Moscow region declared a “yellow” threat level. The capital region’s looming rain, thunderstorm and wind up to 17 meters

Storm warning announced in Primorye. On
Far East rainfalls and strong winds.

We will remind, in may the element raged in Voronezh. Earlier
the bad weather experienced the Urals.