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In the midst of summer vacations the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States released an official statement in which it warned parents about the potential dangers of toys connected to the Internet. This was reported by the website Digital Trends.

In particular, the Agency is concerned about the amount of private information that may be “unplanned disclosed” during normal use, this toy and saved in the cloud. Having personal information about individuals, attackers can use them to identify fraud or in order to gain the trust of the child for criminal purposes.

“Toys with microphones capable of recording conversations within the sensitivity of the device. The child’s name, his school, everyday activities, likes and dislikes may be disclosed during the conversation of a child with a toy or when you record an audio background that surround it . The ability to record personal information and the ability of the toy to connect to the Internet or other devices is causing concern for the preservation of privacy and security”, – stated in the message of the FBI.

The collection of information can also be sensors to track movement, as well as integrated photo and video cameras. The obtained data can get to the Internet when connected to private or public Wi-Fi router or smartphone via Bluetooth.

In order to protect the privacy of children, the FBI recommends that you check whether the toys security settings, does it built-in program data is encrypted in the cloud service. It is also important whether the manufacturer releases updates that fix bugs protection and whether the toys system authentication when connecting to mobile device.

Norms of data protection in the United States makes a Law on the protection of children’s privacy on the Internet, regulating the activities of online services that can be used by children under the age of 13.

When you buy a baby smart toys, the Agency advises parents to find out how the manufacturer or a third party responsible for storage of data, uses the received information, who has access to it and what could happen if a cyber attack will be available.

In addition, parents should limit the ability to connect toys to the Internet in public places and to ensure that the device remains off when the children don’t play with these, especially the toys with built-in cameras and microphones.

A clear illustration of consequences of leak of personal data from mobile devices was the scandal that erupted in August and September 2014, when a hacker managed to infiltrate the iCloud cloud storage belonging to the company – the manufacturer of Apple’s smartphone, and to publish intimate photos of over 100 celebrities, models, famous singers and movie stars.

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