Leading American TV channel Fox News Julie Roginsky, who on one of his broadcasts last week, suddenly speaking Russian language, “to please the Russian masters”, when they “possess US”, refused to apologize for his words and entered the fray with the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Washington by Mykola Laganini.

On his page in the “Twitter” Lakhonin called Russophobic statement of the American journalist, reports “Russian conversation”.

After this statement, a Russian diplomat, Roginsky said that her words “get it right up to Moscow” and “Russia has turned from a bear into a Troll.”

In addition, she tried to link the Russification of national minorities, which, according to her, took place in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s rule, with its previous statement “about the hosts” .

“I forgot, the Soviets were forced trapped in their sphere of influence to teach people Russian,” wrote leading in Twitter account.

We will remind, the Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov, made fun of the Russian language Roginsky live, saying that many Russian TV hosts speak English much better.