Russian MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko a year later again will fight under the Bellator 180 in new York, where they will play with the representative of the United States Matt Mitrione.

The long-awaited duel was to take place a few months earlier, however, the decision was made about his transfer in June in connection with the health problems of Mitrion – on physical examination he was found to have a kidney stone, according to “Russian conversation”.

It is expected that Emelianenko and Mitrion comes into the ring after midnight June 25 in the framework of the evening of mixed martial arts in new York, where the Bellator tournament 180.

The day before it was the traditional weighting procedure. American is heavier than Fedor twenty pounds of weight – 116 kg vs. 107 . It was he who, in the opinion of the bookmakers, and is the favorite of the battle, although the preponderance in quotations of bookmakers in favour of Mitrione very small – 1.8 vs 2.

Emelianenko’s professional MMA career has suffered only four defeats, the latest of which is dated July 2011, and the last Russian soldier left the ring in June 2016.

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