The Freedom House Report

Organization Freedom House has seen the progress of Ukraine in a situation with democracy and brought our country to the countries with the transitional government or hybrid regime. These are the results of the report of Freedom House “Countries in transition”, published on the website of the organization.

Ukrainian democracy for 2016 praised by 4.61 (where 7 is the worst progress in democracy), the country ranked 18th position with 29 in the rating of “freedom House”. Last year the indicator was at the level of 4.68.

On the situation in the government, the report’s authors believe that a narrow parliamentary coalition may well survive, but the atmosphere of pessimism and lack of confidence, growth of tariffs for energy carriers and external efforts to destabilize the situation in the country can cause “turbulence” .

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Most likely, some reformers will be forced to withdraw from the government under the pressure of populists, even if he stays in the same composition, according to the forecast.

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As noted, key policy areas in Ukraine are the judicial reform, improving the investment climate and the fight against corruption, but changes will occur slowly.

“The political parties to maneuver with the purpose of future elections that may reduce political support for reforms,” the report said.

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Also, the authors of the report believe that international players who are in favor of reform in Ukraine, may be concerned about the growing global problems that reduce their attention to the Ukrainian question.

As reported in Freedom House criticized the law requiring fighters to submit e-returns.

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