Annual meeting of the shareholders of British mining company Ferrexpo plc with assets in Ukraine, approved record dividends following the results of work in 2018 – $0,231 per share, which is 40% higher than the level of dividends for 2017 ($0,165 per share).

As reported in the company on the results of voting on issues of agenda of shareholders ‘ meeting held on 7 June, the final dividend of $0.06 per share voted by the shareholders, which owns 99.73% of the shares, excluding abstentions.

At the meeting considered the report by the end of 2018, with his approval voted 66,69% of shareholders, against – 33,31%.

The Board of Directors of Ferrexpo for new term re-elected Stephen Lucas (Lucas Stephen), Vitaly Lisovenko, Christopher MAV (Christopher Mawe) and Konstantin Zhevago, was elected Lucio Genovese (Lucio Genovese).

In the announcement, the company noted that all resolutions at the meeting were voted by poll and were passed.

“In recent weeks we have contacted a number of our shareholders on all decisions and would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to speak with them before our General meeting. We are disappointed to note the result of resolution (approval of the report for 2018), but glad that most of our shareholders, including major shareholders of the company, supported this vote. The Board takes very seriously the opinion of shareholders, we will continue our interaction with all shareholders on this issue to better understand the reasons behind the outcome of the vote. The President (of the company) welcomes the opportunity to discuss the results of the vote of any shareholder who wish to do so,” according to the information of Ferrexpo.