Boris Skrynnik

© Valery sharifulin/TASS

MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. Federation of bandy of Russia (fhmr) does not consider hard six-month suspension of the player “Vodnik” Oleg Pivovarov, who scored 11 goals in his own net in the match with “Baikal-Energy”. About TASS said the President fhmr Boris Skrynnik.

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Hockey player “Vodnik” Brewers suspended for six months for the controversial match

Previously, the Control and disciplinary Committee fhmr Pivovarova was disqualified for six months.

“The brewers were a hostage situation, but it is not a tough sanction, – said Skrynnik. – The Federation now has the right not to deal with him, no relations with the player. This disqualification will show him much, but he was an instrument in the hands of others.”

The scandal around the fhmr rose after the match, “the water-transport worker” – “Baikal-Energy”, which ended with the score 9:11, and all 20 goals were scored by teams into their gates . Fhmr later disqualified for the head coaches of the team for 2.5 years each, for the same period was suspended head “Vodnik” Dmitry Minin, gave instructions to players to score an own goal.