The use of the system VAR during the confederations Cup

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BOGOTA, March 16. /TASS/. The international football Federation (FIFA) officially approved the use of the system of videophones arbitrators (VAR) on the 2018 world Cup in Russia. This decision was taken at a meeting of the Board of FIFA in Bogota, at a press conference said the head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.

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“This [the introduction of a system of videophones arbitrators] will help us to make football fair and transparent. The way we want it to be. Judges are people too, they can make mistakes. The system will help to make the right decisions,” said Infantino.

On 3 March the international football Association Board (IFAB), responsible for changes to the rules of the game approved the use of the system VAR on a permanent basis . Then the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino expressed the hope that in Bogota will be a positive decision regarding the VAR and the world Cup. However earlier he repeatedly expressed confidence that the system will be used at the championship in Russia. The commercial Director of FIFA, Mr. Philippe Le Floc in January said that the organization is already in talks with technology companies who want to become potential sponsors of FIFA in issues related to the technological side of the ball.

System testing of videoporama arbitrators was approved by the IFAB in 2016. The system was implemented in test mode for a trial period of two years in the championship not among the leading, for example, in the second division of the championship of Italy. Also the system was tested at the club world Cup 2016, which was held in Japan, and the confederations Cup 2017 in Russia.

How did the testing of the system VAR

According to the report prepared for the meeting of the IFAB, the system VAR was used in 804 official matches and another 700 in friendlies or exhibition games, but such games are not worth comparing with the competition, the results of the use of VAR was not included in the report.

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FIFA will do everything to the nuances of the system VAR was clear to viewers of the matches of the 2018 world Cup

In 56.9% of cases, judges resort to video replays in controversial situations, involving goals, appointments or failure to schedule the penalty spot and in 42.3% of cases – showing a red card to the player. The average VAR is used five times per match, but most of these cases are carried out without stopping the game. On average, one viewing of the video replay spent 20 seconds, most of the use of VAR is carried out quickly before the game goes on, or in a normal pause in the match, for example – the celebration of a goal, therefore does not affect the course of the game.

In 93% of cases the replay confirms the referee’s decision, adopted on the field. And the accuracy of the solution using the VAR reaches 98,9% (one hundred percent accuracy is impossible to achieve in connection with the human factor). The decisive influence of video replays provided in 8% of games, and in 24% of the matches the system has helped to change the initially wrong decision of the referee. While 68.8% of the matches the judges did not resort to the use of VAR, and only 5.2% of the games, the referees used the system more than once.

The world Cup will be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July.