Vladimir Mineev

© Yuri Smityuk/TASS

MOSCOW, March 12. /Offset. TASS Veronica sovetova/. Russian mixed martial arts fighter Vladimir Mineev disappointed by the hype around the incident with the fight during his duel with Aziz by Djumaniyazova at the open championship of Dagestan and information speculation on this subject. About this Mineev told TASS.

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At the conclusion of the fight Jumaniyazov kicked lying on the floor of the opponent. Mineev stood up abruptly and hit the opponent, then the ring popped up numerous fans, opponents and was a small skirmish. Later, the soldiers apologized to each other and Mineev reported in Instagram that the incident is over.

“We have a sport – emotions are running high, and what was later called a mass brawl is a false information just to hype everyone wanted to be in the center of events, – said mine . Yes, the Aziz, his actions have left me no choice, but this did not affect my attitude to Dagestan. Moreover, at the moment, we remain in Makhachkala, where we continue the collection. And I hate that this topic began to speculate”.

Mineev sure that they and Jumaniyazova will remember the incident with a smile, the more that the opponent took the first step to reconciliation. “Almost immediately after this situation, Aziz made the first step towards reconciliation, we immediately shook hands. Sure to remember this situation we will with a smile – no personal offense,” said mine.