Photo: Facebook

Fighters all night fired at Marinka and surroundings, part of the city is de-energized, damaged at least 5 houses.

Illegal armed groups during the night shelled Marinka, part of the city is de-energized, there is destruction of houses, said the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi.

“Invaders all night shelled Marinka and surroundings. There is destruction of houses. Part of the city whatsoever,” he wrote on the Facebook page on Friday.

In the yard of one of the houses discovered 120-mm dud. The police took him out.

Currently, the urban service and military civil-military cooperation working to restore electricity and repair jobs.

In turn, the Main Department of the National police in the Donetsk region, informs on destruction and damage of houses. According to police, aware of the 5 damaged homes, but these facts more, nobody was hurt . Marinka shelling was carried out from 01.00 to 03.00.

The consequences of the artillery strike are documented, the local police inspect the places of attacks. All the facts are brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations under article 258 (terrorism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.