Since the beginning of the day illegal armed formation (IAF) from 120-mm mortar rounds three times fired at positions Armed forces of Ukraine, in consequence of which one soldier was wounded and another received a combat trauma, informs the press center of staff ATO.

“Overall, since the beginning of day three recorded the shelling of Ukrainian positions by the illegal armed groups. As a result of these criminal actions of one soldier of the forces of ATO was wounded and another received a combat injury,” according to the summary published on the page of the press center on the social network Facebook on Sunday evening.

It is noted that illegal armed groups continued firing provocations against the Ukrainian defenders, using weapons that had to withdraw from the contact line.

In the direction of Donetsk, illegal armed groups violated the Minsk agreement near the Heater. Near this village, the enemy fired from 120-mm mortars and fired about ten min of this caliber . On the sea of Azov militants used rocket-propelled grenades at Ukrainian strongholds in the Water.

On Lugansk the direction the illegal armed groups fired with small arms near Zaytsevy.

“At the moment, the shelling ended around 10 am and since then, along the line of contact is maintained the ceasefire regime,” – said in the headquarters.