NEW YORK, March 30. /Offset. TASS Kirill Volkov/. The American Academy of motion picture arts will not refuse services auditing and consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where staff made a mistake at the last in February 89-th ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”, because of what the award in the main nomination was initially awarded to another film. This was announced on Wednesday by the President of the Academy Cheryl Boone Isaacs.

According to her, the PwC has made the necessary changes to the sequence of actions when the results of the envelopes with the names of the recipients, the violation of which led to confusion during the ceremony. As noted by Isaacs, after a thorough acquaintance with had taken measures to prevent the recurrence of error “the governing Council of the Academy decided to continue cooperation with PwC” . The President also stressed once again that, in the opinion of the Academy, “the error made by the representatives of the company, was unacceptable.”

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PwC promised to strengthen control over the actions of its employees, outstanding behind the scenes during the ceremony, the envelopes are the various celebrities who then come on stage and announce the winners. Previously these employees had two, now, for reliability they will be put in charge of a third person. All of them also at the time of the event will not be allowed to use mobile phones and other electronic devices.

The incident, which some observers have called the most egregious confusion in the entire history of the award “Oscar” has occurred when, during a ceremony on 26 February presented the award in the main category “Best film of the year”. Actor Warren Beatty and singer faye dunaway, who were given the right to call the picture-winner, having opened the envelope, announced that it was awarded to the musical “La La land” (La La Land, 2016) directed by Damien Chazelle.

However, after the creators of “La La land” is already up on stage, accepted the award and began to speak with thank-you speeches, the organizers announced that an error has occurred. The award actually was meant for the drama “Moonlight” (Moonlight, 2016) Barry Jenkins.

As it turned out later, the mistake was guilty employees of PwC’s Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz, who was behind the stage and handed out the envelopes. The guide then PwC acknowledged that Cullinan gave Beatty and dunaway not the envelope. The employees, presumably at the crucial moment was distracted by your mobile phone. With it he, in particular, directly in front of the incident posted on Twitter a photo of the actress Emma stone.

After this Cullinan and Ruiz were suspended from work. The incident greatly undermined the reputation of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which deals with the mailing to members of the American Academy of motion picture arts bulletins for voting and the subsequent counting of votes since 1934.