It is worth noting that the vocalist was invited to shoot with her mother Gulmira Alibek, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “7 Days”.

In the video, the Yerzhan’s mother meets with a realtor to buy a new apartment. Gulmira communicates with the consultant, listening to her talk about the benefits of the housing complex, and her son saw in the house a beautiful girl and she decided to demonstrate their vocal abilities. Surprising admiring listeners, he approached his mom and said fell in love… but not in the girl, and in a residential complex.

At the end of the video sounds a joke about the scandal on “the First channel” discovered “wrap” voting in the final “Voice. Children.” Yerzhan asked the realtor if you can buy an apartment on the ground floor, that gets an interesting response (with reference to the scandal on Russian television).

“No, at first everything is already sold out! On the first” — replied the realtor. What Erjan says: “Ah… again!”

We add that the mother Yerzhan Maxim, finalist show “Voice. Children”, responded to the cancellation of the results.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Alsu in the background of the cancellation of results of “the Voice. The children” published a video Micelli and Yerzhan.

Recall that the Alsu and her daughter Michelle received an offer from the organizers of the concert Yerzhan Maxim.