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VLADIVOSTOK, September 25. /TASS/. Russian-Chinese exercises “Sea interaction – 2017” ended in Vladivostok, the leaders of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy praised the work of staff maneuvers, commanders and sailors.

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On Monday the official representative of the Pacific fleet captain 1st rank Vladimir Matveev.

“At the closing ceremony of the international Russian-Chinese naval exercises “Sea interaction – 2017″ was made and summed up the joint activities during the exercises, the Deputy chief of the Russian Navy Vice-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov and Deputy commander of the Chinese Navy, Vice-Admiral Tian Zhong. Leaders commended the work of the joint staff guidance, commanders of ships and sailors who took part in the active phase of the maneuvers,” – said Matveev .

During the exercises was worked out joint actions to rescue the crew conditionally emergency submarine and other episodes, as well as held competitions for types of training between sailors of the two countries.

The closing exercises were preceded by a farewell ceremony for groups of ships – the participants of the maneuvers.

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“The ships of the two countries as part of a guards rocket cruiser “Varyag”, large anti-submarine ship “Severomorsk”, rescue ship “Igor Belousov”, the destroyer “Shijiazhuang”, patrol ship “Daqing”, the comprehensive supply ship “Dondinho”, a rescue vessel of project 926 “, Cando”, moving in tandem formation on a collision course in the sea of Okhotsk, thanked each other for cooperation,” – said Matveev.

Thereafter, the parties exchanged gifts. In particular, the Deputy commander of the Chinese Navy received a book of the correspondent of magazine “the Sea collection” captain of the 1st rank of a stock Nikolay Lidovci “Across two oceans”, which displays the campaigns of the ships of the Pacific fleet in foreign ports for participation in international exercises over the last 15 years.