The jury of the International Federation of film critics (FIPRESCI) has named the best films of the National competition program oiff-2019.

As the correspondent of Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, the best full-length film version of the FIPRESCI was the film “My thoughts quiet,” the young Director Antonio Lukic.

This tradicomedia talks about the sound recording of the voice of rare animals. The film was the debut lukić full meter. At the Odessa film festival for Ukrainian premiere of this film. Earlier, the film received the jury special prize in the competition East of the West in Karlovy vary.

Best short film, FIPRESCI called the tape “In our synagogue” Ivan Orlenko. The film is in Yiddish filmed in coproduction of Ukraine and France. The film is based on an incomplete story by Franz Kafka In unserer Synagoge (“In our synagogue”) on the small Jewish community that cannot make a prayer in his only synagogue. The filmmakers offer your tragic view of the possible completion of this unfinished story.

The main awards of the FESTIVAL-2019 will be known in the evening of 20 July, at the closing ceremony of the festival.