In the evacuated settlements of Zhytomyr region, rescuers and employees of forestry rescued, 45 buildings were burned 39, said the state service for emergency situations of Ukraine. As the press service of the Ministry on Facebook, the fire destroyed 39 buildings in the S. Island, S. Lychmany, s. Srednyaya Rudnya, Rudnya C. lower and C. Upper Rudnya, some of which are illegally used by the population as plots. Saved 45 buildings. Forces of gschs together with forestry is not allowed the destruction of buildings and constructions in 6 localities: s. Pervomayskoe, S. vystupovychi, Rudnya, p. Divoshyn, S. Sloboda and S. Yasynets’. The Ministry added that the exclusion Zone of the main efforts of the firefighters aimed at the localization of foci 4 (S. Korogod, S. Buda, S. Rozsokha and Krivaya Gora) smoldering stumps, wood residues and peat bogs in the hearths burned.